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Sep 29, 2016

#ImSoExcited #FOMO4Dayz #GirlGang

We chat about tackling Agenda Builder, how awesome #DLRS is for Admins, some of our favorite trips and why cruising rocks. We also have our first ever guest (!) Gillian Madill on to talk about her path from a BA in Bioethics to an Admin Evangelist with skills in Confetti Cannonry and her journey getting Certified as an Admin. It’s great to hear her story about becoming a Co-Host for the ButtonClickAdmin Podcast as we are just starting out, and of course we nerd out about our favorite podcasts. We chat BikeShare, Buses App, and our thoughts on Dreamfest. Kristi & Melinda round it out chatting about the #WITPhotoHunt - tip of the hat to the Good Day Sir podcast for influencing this weeks signoff.

Links for your enjoyment:

Kristi is speaking Tuesday (Sales Demo Jam Co-Host - and Wednesday (AppExchange for Experts -

The awesomeness that is Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries - compliments of Andy Fawcett -

You also should cyberstalk Gillian - and

Rex - Official #AwesomeAdmin Dog - rescued from NorCal Family Dog Rescue

Button Click Admin Podcast:

Invisibilia Podcast:

Mike Rowe Podcast (The Way I Heard It):

Call Your Girlfriend:


WODCast Podcast:

Another Round:

Bay Area BikeShare - Bike at DF!

MapAnything DF Buses App - Download at (App Store and Google Play)

Follow the #AwesomeAdmin team on Periscope -

See you at the Admin Keynote!

At Dreamforce or from home, you can participate in the WIT Photo Hunt! Don’t forget to Hashtag & Tag BOTH

Lightning Shwings -

Sep 15, 2016

Kristi Guzman and Melinda Smith discuss women in tech...doing life & playing with Salesforce. 

So, we’re podcasting!

We play a little Newly-pod game to help you get to know us better, chat about our good intentions and special stickers plus some of our super faves at the moment.


Kristi’s Favorite Show: Parenthood

Melinda’s Favorite Show: Billions on Showtime

You too can love Skinny Pop like the lovely Holly

What IS in a Skinny Girl Margarita?

Admin Evangelist Webinars you should make time for

Adam’s Trailhead Leaderboard

Salesforce Saturday on the Success Community

Superhero Pose (Power Posing) -

Women in Transition Charity Program -


Super Faves:

The passionate cobbler in Charlotte NC

The Tim Ferriss Podcast -

Stila Liquid Eyeliner -

OR Liquidy pen eyeliner