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Mar 24, 2017

#ANormalHumanPace #IAintGotTimeForThat #StressEatingIsDelicious #NoJudgementZone #LongTimeListenerFirstTimeCaller #WeCouldBeAThruple #OneWomanShow #ConstantlyLearning #HopesAndDreams


A little getting to know you over stress relief and our coping mechanisms (or lack thereof). Then we dive into it with Missy Longshore, who started her Salesforce career by actively not wanting to use it (#spoileralert she then fell in love with it). Find out which host Missy would likely be married to if we were in an NPSP Household together plus other great thoughts about needs of Nonprofits and their “carrots vs. sticks” around Lightning. She loves working for herself (although it can be stressful) and shares about all the different ways she both learns from & gives back to the greater Salesforce community - even as an introvert. Will she win the prize for the biggest Salesforce screwup? It’s probably the only one which will involve the USPS and/or Pony Express.

Links -

Missy on Twitter @MissyLongshore

#AdminHour -

Non-Profit CRM Summit -

Getting Started in the Power of Us Hub -

LMGTFY - & &

Taproot -

She Geeks Out Podcast -

All The Dreamins -

Super Favs -

M: Drop The Ball by Tiffany Dufu + Tiffany's Epiphanies on YouTube

K: Brainiate Podcast with Caleb Steen from MapAnything

M: Gutsy Girls by Caroline Paul + TEDtalk

K: Southeast Dreamin’ Dream team Shoutout: Chris Whitehead, Amber Boaz, Patrick Connelly, Stephanie Foerst, Chris Zullo, Kate Vickery, Kelly Pfrommer, Bryan James

#Chagging Shoutouts:

Stuart Edeal

Pierre at Sputnik Moment

Guillermo Pedroni

Amy Oplinger

Mar 22, 2017

#Goals #LighterLater #BlueDinner #TryPod

Kristi and Melinda chat up priorities by ways of the Sandler Training & how to make these a bigger focus in your/our lives.  "Are you living your life by default or design"  Spring '17 and St Patricks Day!

Kristi fave:  Scrappy Little Nobody (Anna Kendrick) + Used Bookstore (Sue Grafton)

Melinda fave:  Core Power & Local Breweries


Sandler -

Lightning Roadmap doc -

Charlotte Worlds Largetst Pub Crawl -

Anna Kenndrick deep thoughts -

Mar 16, 2017

#RealChat  #LazyExtrovert #JustGoForIt #Cryling #OneGuitarOfBeer #ICanHandleMyChamps

Two WIT talks to Kelly, a 7x certified Awesome Admin who recently relocated from Charlotte to Wisconsin, she is a multi-Dreamforce presenter, User Group Leader, blogger, and a fellow swag-aholic crafter.

Super Fave:

Melinda:  BW online training & Prime program.  Tadpoles app.

Kristi: Kubb.  Technology Flows podcast

How we select MVPs article

New MVPs article -

Kelly - @kellybentubo &

And a pic of ONE GUITAR OF BEER!